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Jogo de Sherlock Holmes é afetado pela guerra

jogo de Sherlock Holmes é afetado pela guerra

Desenvolvedores ucranianos enfrentam cortes de energia frequentes e trabalham em condições difíceis, enquanto preparam lançamento de “Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened”.

A new entry in the Sherlock Holmes game series, titled “Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened,” which puts the iconic detective against Lovecraftian strangeness, has been delayed until March or April at the latest.

The developer, Ukrainian company Frogwares, released a video discussing the difficult circumstances they are working under, including frequent power outages due to Russian bombing and an ongoing war.

O vídeo possui legenda em inglês

“Had a busy day at work cause we are preparing for the release, and I just came home, there’s no electricity yet again due to another Russian bombing,” says one of the team as the video begins. “I’d like to make something to eat, but instead I’ll sit in the darkness and stare at the wall.”

“There’s still a lot of work ahead of us: finalising the game, fixing the bugs, and preparing the releases on multiple platforms,” says another developer. “All complicated things that are made extra difficult by this whole situation.”

It’s an unsettling sight to witness scenes of the team working hard in the office, alternated with footage of the war-torn landscape: ruined structures, landmines, and violent explosions. Despite the daunting circumstances, Frogwares remains resolute and bullish, dismissing the Russian strategies as “mindless and futile,” but the experience has undoubtedly taken a significant toll.

“To be frank, we’re all worn out,” says the first developer, sitting in the dark. “This war has been going on for 8 years since the annexation of Crimea and the Donbas. Then we faced two years of strict Covid measures, and now an all-out invasion in 2022. Many of us can hardly recall what it feels like to have a normal life.”

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Despite these challenges, the team remains optimistic and determined to finish the project. The game is a remake of a 2007 title and is a linear adventure rather than an open-world game.

Fans have expressed support for the team and their perseverance in difficult circumstances.

It’s surreal watching shots of the team hard at work in the office interspersed with footage of the war: destroyed buildings, minefields, and explosions. Frogwares remains defiant and bullish, calling Russian strategies “brain dead and pointless”, but it’s clear the experience is taking an enormous toll. 

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