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Confira Carnage Vs Miles Morales!

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Carnage Reigns, um novo evento vindo da Marvel em maio de 2023, mostra o simbionte titular e ultramortal tentando assassinar Miles Morales/Homem-Aranha.

Carnage Vs Miles Morales. “Carnage Reigns”: Carnage is trying to kill Miles Morales in the new Marvel crossover event.

Exclusively announced by Bloody Disgusting, Carnage Reigns is a new crossover event that pits the mortal symbiote against Spider-Man Miles Morales. Released in May 2023, the event starts with a

Carnage Reigns Alpha one-shot (co-written by Alex Paknadel and Cody Ziglar with art by Julius Ohta and more)

before expanding into subsequent issues of Carnage and Miles Morales: Spider-Man. “Carnage Reigns is a David and Goliath story Spider-Man against the most sadistic monster in the Marvel Universe—Cletus Kasady!”

says Paknadel. “Miles has only been in over his head a handful of times, which is a gift from a narrative perspective. I really enjoyed crafting this tale with Cody Ziglar, and we developed a very fun and productive work rhythm and that fun is present on the page!”

We know this story will satisfy fans of both characters in their FIRST CROSSOVER!”

Ziglar added: “I’m excited to continue exploring Miles’ journey as a hero, both as a neighborhood friend, Spider-Man, and as a hero on the global stage. Miles has done a lot of personal growth with this first arc and I’m excited to continue that growth alongside Alex.

How Marvel Pits Carnage Against Miles Morales in Carnage Reigns

The synopsis for Carnage Reigns Alpha, “CARNAGE VS. MILES MORALES! CLETUS KASADY IS BACK and more evil than ever. With his soul trapped inside the Extremis Armor created by Tony Stark during KING IN BLACK, Cletus has the means to level an uncountable amount of chaos and, well, carnage in the city of New York and across the Marvel Universe.

But, like any good invention by Tony Stark, the Extremis running through Cletus’ symbiotic veins needs POWER, and that means Cletus is HUNGRY. Luckily, Brooklyn’s own Spider-Man is there to stand in his way! If he survives the first encounter, that is.

The second part of Carnage Reigns takes place on May 17th in

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6, written by Ziglar, with art by Federico Vicentini and cover art by Dike Ruan.

The description reads: “CARNAGE REIGNS – PART 2! No matter what MILES MORALES throws at CLETUS KASADY, the Extremis-driven monstrosity keeps coming.

NovoTrecho da HQ do Carnificina VS Miles Morales

Cletus is getting stronger by the minute. But how? Spider-Man needs help, a distraction, a moment to catch his breath. Anything or anyone to give him a chance – any chance – to slow down Cletus.

But Miles can’t let up. Help isn’t coming. He’s the only thing standing between New York City and total carnage… and if the heroes aren’t answering Miles’ calls… who’s left to dial Spidey’s emergency line?”

Carnage #13 by Paknadel, artist Francesco Manna and cover artist Kendrick “Kunkka” Lim continues on May 31st. The solicitation reads: “CARNAGE REIGNS” – PART 3! Aiming for even higher and bloodier heights as Extremis demands blood!”

Carnage Reigns Alpha features cover art by Ryan Stegman and releases on May 3, 2023 from Marvel.


A nova série de HQ “Carnage Reigns” da Marvel mostrará o simbionte Carnage tentando assassinar o Homem-Aranha Miles Morales. O evento começa com um one-shot chamado “Carnage Reigns Alpha” e se expandirá para outras edições de Carnage e Miles Morales: Spider-Man. O roteirista Alex Paknadel descreve a história como um confronto David e Golias, com Miles tendo que enfrentar o monstro mais sádico do universo da Marvel.


Os fãs dos personagens estarão satisfeitos com o primeiro crossover entre eles, promete a equipe criativa. A luta entre Carnage e Miles Morales será intensa, com Carnage usando a armadura Extremis criada por Tony Stark para aumentar sua força e fome. Miles terá que enfrentar Carnage sozinho, sem ajuda dos outros heróis da Marvel, para evitar que a cidade de Nova York seja destruída.

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