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AMD lança URGame, plataforma para unir a comunidade gamer


Plataforma oferece recompensas, informações e dinâmicas nerds para jogadores do Brasil e América Latina.

Alright guys, check out this awesome news: AMD just launched URGame, a platform that aims to unite the gaming community in Brazil and Latin America! The idea is to create a space where we can stay updated on everything that’s going on in the gaming world, chat with other players, and even earn rewards for being loyal and interacting with the community.

At URGame, we can unlock cool achievements that generate points that we can exchange for prizes, as well as participate in exclusive tournaments and other nerdy dynamics. It’s like a game within a game, you know? And of course, the platform is full of nerdy references that we love, such as tips on releases, news, and recommendations for choosing the most amazing games.

And the best part is that URGame is available in Portuguese and Spanish, so we can chat with gamers from various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean! The Marketing Manager of AMD Brazil, Daniela Nunes, said that the platform was created with gamers’ needs in mind and that they really want to “grow together and stay connected,” like they’re each other’s player two.

So let’s join the gaming community and enjoy everything URGame has to offer, folks!

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